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Mark Twain (1835-1910)
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Great Site wit PLENTY of info links.
Lots of useful links. And best of all it's Canadian
This page allows you to explore parks by the name of the park, by choosing a region of Ontario, or even by park classification.
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    Canadian Search Engines
  • Search all of Alaska and Canada for travel, sports, business, news, entertainment and more. Best for Alaska- and BC-based Web sites.
  • AltaVista Canada Canada, News, Usenet, Government. Search in English.
  • AltaVista Canada Canada, News, Usenet, Government. Search in French.
  • AOL Canada Search
  • Search Has filters for Canadian sites, media, news stories and directories..
  • Directory.
  • CANLINKS Directory Canadian and world wide links. Has a B.C. bias.
  • Canoe Canada news, sports, entertainment, finance and business news. Can be personalized.
  • Canoë Actualités, régional, international, politique, Canada, Québec.
  • Looksmart Canada Hand-picked Canadian content.
  • Maple Square Search Web search and directory. Good for e-shopping.
  • Is a way for you to connect with the news and views of your neighbours and to do business on your scale - local, regional or beyond.
  • SeekOn/Local Canada Directory Well organized directory that uses content mainly from the Open Directory Project.
  • Sympatico Large directory covering many topics.
  • Relocate Canada Online Guide for people relocating or moving in Canada, organized by city and categories of interest from arts to weather.
  • Royal Canadian Medium-sized directory covering many topics.
  • Trouvez! Meta-engin-outil-moteur de recherche. (Meta Search engine.)
    Cities, Regions
  • The Toronto Information Guide, Toronto's foremost place to find information about Toronto.
  • Database for GTA communities: Arts, entertainment, shopping, business, community clubs, sports, leisure, visitors, and getaways. Offers location maps.
  • VancouverPlus Restaurants, movie times, the hottest concerts, sports, shopping, and all the latest events.
  • Winnipeg (myWinnipeg) Events, sports, news.
  • Halton Information Providers Page Provides access to community services via database. Also provides links to Information Burlington, Milton and Oakville...
  • Zola Portal to searching library holdings and electronic databases of Halton and the surrounding regions.
    WWW Search Engines
  • AltaVista Search Extremely fast, current, and comprehensive. Searches the entire full-text of Web pages and Usenet articles. AltaVista has three tabs for a simple search, an advanced search and the third for "Images, Audio & Video."
  • Excite Search After first query, Excite offers related keywords to refine your search. If you like a search result, Excite also lets you say "give me more documents like this one." Many additional features offered especially for those who join as member of Excite, e.g., personal calendar. Web-site selections are USA-biased.
  • Fast Lives up to its name & it is fast. Has the greatest number of indexed pages in database. Use to seek hard to find web sites.
  • Gigablast New in Beta mode.
  • GOoBig Similar to Google.
  • Google A great search engine. Easy to use. Defaults to Boolean AND, accepts OR and - operators. Web-site selections are slightly edu- and gov-biased.
  • HotBot Search Check out the advanced search. It offers filters to narrow search by by domains, geography, date, etc. Web-site selections are bias towards news items.
  • Search Has tabs to directory search, communication, e-shopping. Web selections bias towards entertainment and TV newscasts. Affiliated with,, etc.
  • iWon Offers its users cash sweepstakes entries for each click. The more times per day you use iWon, the more entries you get, up to a maximum of 100 per day. iWon uses an Google-powered search engine with a directory from LookSmart. Loaded with pop-up ads.
  • Kids Click! Filters out unsuitable sites including site with information too complicated for children to understand.
  • Lycos Search A conglomeration of databases, online services and other Internet properties. Has top 3% sites with reviews and immediate links to images and sound including MP3 compressed music audio files for downloading. Supplemental info through Invisible Web Catalog of more than 7,000 specialty search resources. One can browse the listings or follow the links provided in search results for a topic.
  • Northern Light Search Engine Has a set of "Special Collection" documents from many sources including newswires, magazines and databases. There is a charge to view each full-text document.
  • Search Special purpose search. Seeks out e-commerce sites.
  • Teoma Goes beyond traditional page ranking methods to determine authority, in addition to relevancy. To determine the authority or quality of a site's content, Teoma uses Subject-Specific PopularitySM.
  • Yahoo Best for broad searches under a specific topic. Not suited for finding an individual page or article. Yahoo is the easiest way to find information on the web.
  • Yahooligans Similar to Kids Click. Safe. Complex topics filtered out.
  • WiseNut Launched in September 2001, WiseNut quickly became the fastest, smartest and most comprehensive new search engine on the market. Similar to the original Google. Search engine owned by Look Smart Ltd. WiseWatch is an optional filter that can reduce the number of potentially offensive pages displayed in search results.
    Sounds, Pictures and Music Engines
  • CNET Music Center Learn how to play, encode, and find MP3s and other music files with CNET's comprehensive guide music hardware and software--and how to use it.
  • Lets you search the Web for sound effects and sample sounds.
  • Source for pictures.
  • Internet Art Resources The collector's guide to the visual arts. Searches museums, galleries,...without cultural or national bias.
  • NASA Image eXchange Provides a single entry point for performing searches for NASA photographs and images at multiple NASA Centers simultaneously.
  • Music City A peer-to-peer network powered by MorpheusTM, the most advanced P2P application.
    Meta Search best for simple queries.
    Special Portals: Topic-/subject-specific
    Lookup Databases