Why Advertise Your Business Online with MyMilton.ca?

1.Increase sales -- Online and open for business 24 hours/365 days.
2.Reach new worldwide markets easily by being online.
3.Lower overhead costs compared with local newspapers.
4.Online market-share thats lasting & faster than newspapers ads.
5.Update your information or products immediately online.
6.Provide central contact/focus point for prospects and customers.
7.Being online leads customers into your physical stores.
8.Strengthen business name and product awareness.
9.Benefit from powerful word-of-mouth advertising.

Did you realise your online ad has that much potential for your business?
Online ads are a great 'connection point' between you and your customers or partners. They can visit your website at anytime that suits them to find out more about you, your products, ordering, or just get more information. Previously they would have had to physically visit you or use the telephone to speak to you. Being online is  another inexpensive way to deal, communicate and interact with you.
More Of Why Should I Advertise Online?

Online advertising extends an advertiser's integrated marketing communication campaign into a vibrant new medium. Put simply, online advertising creates a presence on the Internet, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience through an additional communication medium that is rapidly growing. If your customers are on the web, you should also be there as an advertiser.

By extending advertising onto the Internet, a company can reach its customers and enhance its relationship with them in an interactive environment. It offers advertisers another medium of reaching audiences, many of whom cannot ordinarily be reached through traditional media.

Advertising on the Internet provides the opportunity to expose and promote brands on a global platform, reaching local, national & also international customers. By linking advertisers to leading online brands, the potential audience for online advertising is enormous.

How Does Internet Advertising Benefit?

Successfully done, the Internet can provide returns in a number of areas:

Brand Building The Internet plays an important and cost-effective role in building brand awareness among consumers. Unlike other media that expect little involvement from the consumer beyond passive attention, the Internet enables users to interact and build a relationship with the brand. Companies that harness the interactivity of the Internet in their campaigns will win over competitors that don't, both in terms of brand development and sales.

Direct Marketing Online databases, coupled with email and action-oriented campaigns make the Internet a powerful direct marketing tool. The ability to understand, reach and reward users enables the Internet to deliver high quality leads without the costs normally associated with traditional direct mail or newspapers.

Customer Service Customer service is a key differentiator for many firms. The Internet provides the ability to listen to and communicate with consumers immediately and at low cost. Organisations can use the Internet to enhance customer service in terms of feedback - by reducing response times & costs; loyalty programs - by rewarding users which results in long-term relationships & post-purchase service - which maintains open communication channels.

Online Sales E-commerce is still a burgeoning market. The development and acceptance of secure payment technologies has enabled companies to broaden the payment options offered to consumers to the Internet.

Market Research Visitors to websites automatically provide information about their interests as they visit and navigate through the site. When this information is captured in a database and viewed in aggregation, a detailed consumer profile is created. The Web also provides the opportunity to survey users effectively at low cost.

Cross Promotion Opportunities The Internet allows advertisers to integrate their marketing and communication strategy like no other medium. Online promotion spending currently lags behind online ad expenditures. This will not always be the case, however, as promotions exceed expectations by providing relevant offers, immediate participation, reasonable value, and low participation effort.
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